Our comapny is a successfull applicant of European grants intended for small and medium-size companies in the manufacturing industry.
Currently we’re taking advantage of these programmes:


In 2014, we joined „Internships – Practical education“. After graduating, most students contend with not enough of practice. This project effectively helps to solve this problem – immediatelly after finishing their studies, graduates may start an internship in companies doing business in their branch. This way, they easily verify their knowledge and skills in practice, therefore, increasing their value and chances in the labour market.

In collaboration with the Fund for Further Education, we provided an expert internship for three applicants in these branches: Steel Constructions Assembler, Tool Sharpener and Independed Engineering Technician of Quality Control.

Dotační program

Educate yourself to grow

The project „Educate & Grow II in Hradec Králové district!“ reg. number CZ.1.04/1.1.00/B1.00008 was put into practice in 2013. Its goal was to improve knowledge of chosen employees in the following fields: technical preparation of production, calculation of production costs for each production process and a product as a whole, production planning.

Dotační program

OP LZZ (Operating Programme Human Resources and Employment

In October 2011, an accomplishment of our project „Professionalization of Blacksmith Shop Výprachtický Employees“ (reg. number: CZ.1.04/1.1.02/35.01242), financed by OP LZZ, has begun. Total amount of money for this project is 2,689,050.08 CZK. This project aims to education of our employees. The employees will be further trained in the fields of expert knowledge and skills. Courses for personal and managerial education are also a part of this project.

Dotační program

OPPI (Operating Programme Enterprise and Innovation) Real Estates

The project called „Reconstruction of production compound – Milan Výprachtický – Blacksmith Shop“ was approved in February 2010. It aimed for reconstruction of original abandoned industrial compound „brownfield“. Main goal was to rebuild the premise into a new functional unit to suit the needs of our company. The reconstruction has been finished in September 2013 and the compound is ready to serve our needs.

Dotační program

OPPI (Operating Programme Enterprise and Innovation) Consultancy

Another project of ours called „Innovation of production and organizational processes Výprachtický – Blacksmith Shop“ proceeds from business strategy to constantly improve processes in a company to fulfil long-term goals. This project contains ensuring consultancy services leading to fulfilling this strategy in the fields of improving the production process, increasing quality and effectivity of the production process and implementation of the innovated process of our company management. The overall goals are improving labour productivity (checking quality of selected production normatives and creation of normative standards for chosen technologies) and improving work organization for our employees (checking and optimization of processes in the production planning and management).

Dotační program

OPPI (Operating Programme Enterprise and Innovation) Consultancy Stage 2

The project „Innovation of production and organizational processes Výprachtický – Blacksmith Shop Stage 2“ proceeds from business strategy of the applicant and conclusions from the partial company analysis carried out in the stage 1.
This project ensures consultancy services leading to specific fullfilling the business strategy in the fields of the locksmithing trade, metalworking, production and financial control and production economy (calculation, appraising, results). All these steps are a part of introducing a new innovated complex process of company management.

Dotační program