For sheet metal bending, we use TruBend 5130 bending press and bending servoelectric press SAFAN E-Brake 80.

TruBend 5130 unites innovative method and precision. Variable systems of rear impact allow trouble-free machining of wide range of parts. The whole process – programming, preparations and the bending itself – is exceptionally productive.

The machine is maximally accurate, has high dynamics of axles, ACB technology for exact angles from the very first part and is intuitive to programme and control.

TruBend série 5000
TruBend série 5130
Max. bending length: 3 230 mm
Max. press force: 133 t

The bending press SAFAN E-Brake 80 is equipped with hydraulic tool fastening to decrease time needed to rebuild the press for a new production. We use verified WILLA tools. Their segmentation allows to build a couple of posts and bend even very complicated product in a single cycle, therefore, faster. Maximal bending press length is 2550mm.

Its concept which doesn’t use any hydraulic oil is very beneficial for bringing higher productivity, accuracy and minimal operating costs.

Safan E brake 80
SAFAN E-Brake 80
Max. bending length: 2 550 mm
Max. press force: 80 t