About us

Our locksmith trade and art smithery company was established in 1992. As the time went, our company progressively concentrated on little locksmithing products at the beginning, supplying complete units for construction companies at the present time.

In 1999, we extended our company with a HILTI tools rental service. In 2005, we started selling our products on the internet.

In 2007, we decided to reinforce sheet metal production and bought a CNC bending press. In 2008, we bought CNC shears and in 2009, we also bought a punching press, Trumatic TC500R.

In 2009, we started a reconstrution of a new compound. It was finished in september 2013. Ever since, our company has moved into the new compound located at Humburky 2. That allows our company further development. Since 2012, we’re certified according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 in the field of management quality system, CSN EN 1090 and CSN EN ISO 3834 in the field of welding and steel constructions supplies.

We focus on two main branches: sheet metal production and production of locksmith trade construction part.

Sheet metal production involves many activities from dividing, pressing and many other until the final product is done. We’re a producer of inspection and antifire door, main gas shutoff valve door and sheet metal cases for electrics. For our clients, we produce components fulfilling requirements for high quality and precision.

Our customers are LINET s.r.o., TOORS CZ s.r.o., Autosystem Climatronic and many other.

The second part of our activities is production of steel constructions and locksmith trade construction components according to the given project. Generally speaking, it is a construction of steel assembly shops, steel staircases and handrails, gates and many other construction parts. In this branch, we cooperate with BAK a.s., Metrostav a.s., Průmstav-FCC a.s. and other companies.