For sheet metal stamping, we own couple of eccentric and hydraulic presses.

For serial production of unsophisticated parts, we use a 10t eccentric press, two 25t eccentric presses, two 63t eccentric presses and a 80t hydraulic press with a bottom cylinder for pressed parts ejection.

Press LEN 10C
Press ram dimensions: 280 x 180 mm
Board dimensions: 305 x 450 mm
Pressing height: 225 mm
Press LEN 25C
Press ram dimensions: 355 x 220 mm
Board dimensions: 560 x 450 mm
Pressing height: 265 mm
Press LEN 40A
Press ram dimensions: 240 x 170 mm
Board dimensions: 630 x 430 mm
Pressing height: 250 mm
Press LEN 63A
Press ram dimensions: 260 x 225 mm
Board dimensions: 750 x 500 mm
Pressing height: 280 mm

For special applications, compression molding machine is used matrices Pemserter 4 Autofeed. The machine allows for precise crimping elements including automatic feeding elements.

Pemserter 4 autofeed
Pemserter 4 Autofeed
Press force: 6 t
For elements: M2,5 – M6
Discharge: 457 mm
Automatic feeding: yes