Steel Case for Telecommunication Distribution

TKR (TeleCommunication Distribution) cases are used for smaller units like telecommunication distribution systems.
This variant is intended to be build into a wall. High range of dimensions allowing many combinations is an essential part of every successful distribution board solution.

These cases are made of steel metal sheets (1mm thick) and coated with komaxit (hard burnt powder coating, scratch resistant). Its locking system uses a FAB lock. The rear board is removable and there’s a hole for a power point in it. It uses a dragging hingeless opening system for pure and smooth design.
Steel Case for Telecommunication Distribution

We offer TKR cases in 4 standard dimensions, but we can also make a different size according to the needs of our customers. Standard version is white (shade RAL 9003).

Dimensions: 500x500x200mm
Coating: komaxit